The Chaka Khan Foundation educates, inspires and empowers children in our community to achieve their full potential.

We envision that through our mission we will give children who are at risk, either through poverty or through health issues like autism, the ability to achieve their dreams and give back to the community.

Chaka Believes Program
The Chaka Believes Program educates, inspires and empowers Los Angeles children who otherwise would have fallen through the cracks.

  • Educate. The Chaka Khan Foundation strives to lessen the achievement gap for underserved students by providing the academic support they need to achieve grade-level proficiency. Through the Scholars Building Scholars program, the Foundation partners with the University of Southern California to provide twice weekly tutoring to more than 60 children from South Central Los Angeles. We believe education is the key to lifelong success.
  • Inspire. Children don’t know what to aspire to when they have no idea of what is possible. The Chaka Khan Foundation recruits business and entertainment leaders to provide unique experiences and mentoring opportunities. Through exposure to amazing possibilities and to positive role models, these children are able to visualize their dreams and reach for the stars.
  • Empower. The Chaka Khan Foundation works to build the self-esteem of the young people participating in their programs. We provide tools that will enable them to attend college, including important life skills and financial training for program participants and their families and college scholarships for those who successfully complete the program. And just as important, we believe in their ability to succeed.
Chaka Supports Autism Initiative
Having a loved one with autism, Chaka Khan recognizes the incredible potential of children with autism and the financial and emotional strain put on families. The Chaka Khan Foundation supports autism by partnering with existing autism organizations to help raise awareness and funds for programs that provide direct support.

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