"No Excuses National Initiative" is a program created by legendary singer Chaka Khan and Veronica Everett-Boyce, partnering with Avis Ridley-Thomas and her successful "Days of Dialogue" program that addresses the growing problem of transitioning incarcerated youth from detention facilities to the work force so that they can lead productive lives. Beginning this summer, "No Excuses" will launch a pilot program in Los Angeles which will enlist local business leaders to provide mentorship programs to juveniles who have been recently released from local detention centers. The goal is to prepare these young men and women to be exposed to careers of all kinds and gain the basic skills they will need to enter the work force.

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In partnership with The Chaka Khan Foundation, the "No Excuses National Initiative" is administered by InsideOUT Writers, which conducts weekly writing classes in Los Angeles County juvenile detention facilities and provides re-entry services upon enrollment in its Alumni Program.

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